I still remember that hug on my birthday eve never hugged you back and I got up to leave. Remember putting you off and walking away from the post, It's hard to let go of someone You have loved the most. I recall the day you asked me what wrong you did that I had... Continue Reading →



यूँ तो कल फिर जमाना चल पड़ा था नए मंजर की ओर पर करने लगा था मन क्यों न जाने ठहर जाने की ज़िद वही चाहत रुकने की चाहत रोक लेने की। यूँ तो सोचा बहुत कुछ था सोचा था की कुछ अलग होगी कहानी, पहचान, रफ़्तार जिंदगी की पर ये न सोच सके कि... Continue Reading →

The Last Time

Walked out of that empty bar Followed the lines, saw you by the car Traveled beside you all along the way But you couldn't be no more far. Searched all around for your beam That was lost long, hard to dream After that Wednesday, a million regrets away I wonder how with you it's been.... Continue Reading →

A Song to the Dead Starks

It's the song to the Starks that plays when honor moans Cold death of betrayal surrounds The bloody Game of thrones. Man of honor was Ned Stark His valor shined in that dark But for the sake of his king friend Left Winterfell to be the hand. But all their debts Lannisters paid Their greed... Continue Reading →

To Love

To love, you little dove you've been so blue at times so cruel But I still wonder to you, I surrender always, no matter what. I keep digging on and you keep raining, I try all means save myself from draining. Bear your pain But you like it slow, I try escaping my scent you... Continue Reading →


The world moves ahead again And the songs pour like rain With children growing old On free grounds to be sold Papers scattered to be spent Or kept safe for descendants There are mistakes yet to make Having risks, one must take There you stand I just roll My eyes as I just don't know... Continue Reading →

Swing of thrills

Falling Water Walking Strangers I sat on a swing of thrills Sunshine brightens Mountains heighten As I move my home to hills. Grounds all green Clouds bright white I see myself here forever The rainbow land My eyes' delight Creator's divine endeavour. You know do you How long it`s been The last time I felt... Continue Reading →


Oh Sane Humanity, you turned insane You cut his veins as he held your hand, Never had an idea of your evil senses, You left a scar he can never mend. Guess he could have been a bit strong But blaming himself is quite wrong For it was you who should have known But now... Continue Reading →

Million Reasons

It’s often possible that some incidents which seem to be like any forgettable chunk of memory somehow stay with us and become turning points of life. I have been through this before. This unease. This sleeplessness, feverishness, flash-train of memories and fantasies. I have been hurt before. I have fallen for, fallen into and fallen... Continue Reading →

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