I entered the room with you
you turned that to home
I wonder how and when
but somehow it was done.

Heard all your stupid songs
And those weird noises that you made
couldn’t keep those songs or other shits aside
Yeah I miss your voice everyday.

I miss hanging by your side
Making fun of our mistakes
I miss fighting over petty issues
And then getting back together again.

All those times when we’d run
Chasing each other in the hallway
I miss getting to know the better you
Maybe I never knew the same.

All those dark clouds came, getting by
And we lost our sights midway
I could try to reconcile early
But we had no plans to stay.

And so we left,
total strangers
I could try again,
but I don’t want to.
I have given up
and I am not used to do so.

I don’t miss you more than those memories
I know they won’t return now
A beautiful journey it was
And I still miss it somehow.


Twisted games

It was not what was meant
It just happened itself
at least to them so was said.
It got done in all sense
there was no influence
No one was hurt 
at least so they heard.
It was done all again 
There was no loss as such
But how can one stop
pretending to them so much?
They did something bad
the worst they could ever have
But they are not to be blamed
For good might take you to heaven
But bad's got them a better taste.
So truth be told it's what they say
The heaven is here, come let's play.  


To tell you how’s life

Going rough
yet beautiful
cold yet sunny
as hard as a rock
as smooth as sea
humid at times
follows some rhymes
with some breaks to eat
sometimes too long
I agree.
Predictable? Na ah
a mystery
sucks like vamps
shades with trees.

Ain’t got any idea
the kind of pace it’s got
but this life’s so good
under its hood
better than I ever thought.


Had not the slightest idea
since it began
how to bear this now
for it has come to an end
it wasn’t the plan
I am sorry but
I wasn’t ready in my defense,
come on and allow me to begin again.

Everybody wants a perfect closure to each chapter that life unfolds. Everyone has this keenness to have a life with no regrets, no big rules and no looking back. Everybody needs somebody, although not all the time. Everybody sees the world pacing with time through their own eyes, physical and inner. And sometimes it happens that one tends to forget that the right to live comes with a duty to let live. I often do this mistake.

Often at times I have been made to realize that it is not okay to demand someone’s time and presence beside you all the time. That it is important to give people their own space to breathe. But sometimes I just can’t help it. Who doesn’t fear being replaced?

Growing up?

It started long ago. It is still going on. With me, it’s been taking metaphorically million years to understand when and how to grow up, while still in the process. Apparently it does so for everyone (Really?). So, I am growing up. But wait… Am I ?

Thinking of growing up, the very brave idea of Birthday Celebration pops out of my mind. Fun Fact : Celebrating birthdays is a very ‘nice’ thing. You get to know how time’s slipping off your hands so smoothly and swiftly, plus reminding you that “Dude! It’s about time, come on, Grow Up! “. So you try, try to show people around how mature your brain has become, how you’ve turned from a sleeping bag to a gentleman. At least I do.

And sometimes it doesn’t work. If you are as open-minded as I am (pun intended), you might end up the day with loads of junk shit in your head which even a dozen TED videos with THE HINDU articles as topping won’t clean up so easily. So, to act like a grown up in this situation is similar to what people call as ‘introversion’. Consequently, I am a happy introvert who happens to be growing up. Boring? Seems but it isn’t. In fact it gets much more adventurous!

I assume most people don’t want to be titled as grown ups. Somehow, we still consider our childhood as the best days of our life. Asking paranoid questions is my doze of getting back to my childhood. Perhaps being a grown up does not excite me. People like me are normal when they are free to ask (and get answered, at least attended) questions which are dumb AF but still are important. No, I am not gonna ask you questions like you might hear news anchors asking during popular debates about a bleeding tree. Such questions are out of my league of dumb questions. So, as I have lost my point, are you still reading?



I am what you think that I am not
Lurking in the shadows behind the walls,
wishing to be open to everyone around
and close just to you.
These eyes roll and hide as you move
And this skin craves a sin or two,
Maybe I too am just a piece of flesh
So excuse me for all this mess.
While the shattered soul tries to skin the truth
I pretend to be fine without you,
Cause in ambush they lay armed with hatred
To capture me for a crime I never did.


I still remember that hug
on my birthday eve
never hugged you back
and I got up to leave.
Remember putting you off
and walking away from the post,
It’s hard to let go of someone
You have loved the most.

I recall the day you asked me
what wrong you did
that I had been so mad about.
See, what I had left to offer
was not what you needed I doubt.

Did I Care enough?
When you were all around
Did I lose the words?
Or did I lose the count
Of the days I’d left
To have you close enough?

It stays latest and deepest,
a wound or a hurtful aid,
For good I wish I could
make this ache to fade.
Often do I contemplate
things I meant to do,
For things that I did,
hurt me more than you.

Did I Care enough?
When by my side you stood
Did I just make a big
mistake in translating
you and your words?
Can you hear me now
that you’ve forgotten me
all along these days?
I cared more than anyone else
I just could not find the ways.
The world didn’t let me to
But I could’ve told you that
when I had you close enough.

You just couldn’t understand
And you are not to be blamed.
There are somethings around us
that are just made this way.
I just hope you’ll remember
the few days we had,
For I could make myself leave,
I can’t make you to stay.

Because I cared enough
So I let you go too soon.
And I know my decision
will be someone else’s fortune.
So I say goodbye to a gem like you
holding my tears strong,
I hope that someday
you’ll understand
that I wasn’t wrong.



Life plays, let's do the same!